The Maine SAC recently released the 2017 COURT ACCESS & FAIRNESS SURVEY REPORT.

This report summarizes the findings from the 2017 Maine Court Access and Fairness Survey, which asked
survey participants to respond to a series of court “access” and “fairness” questions. The survey was
conducted in March 2017 by the Maine Statistical Analysis Center and was completed by 1,039 participants,
all of whom were visitors to various courthouses across the State of Maine. The survey results summarized
in this report are part of ongoing efforts by the Maine Judicial Branch (MJB) to be responsive to the
government and the public.

Findings from this research were positive, reflecting court users’ belief that courts are both accessible and
fair. The majority of court users agreed or strongly agreed with survey statements affirming that courts are
accessible (83%) and likewise agreed or strongly agreed with statements affirming that they are fair (78%).

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