Technical Assistance

The Maine Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) has expertise in technical assistance, consultation, and evaluation services.  Specific services offered by SAC are described below.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

SAC assists agencies to measure and monitor ongoing quality improvements in agency practices and services. SAC develops customer satisfaction surveys, peer review tools, outcome measures and program evaluation processes as part of a larger agency CQI framework.


Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI 2000)

SAC uses the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI-2000) to evaluate adult and juvenile correctional (facility, community based) programs for adherence to evidence-based principles of effective correctional intervention. SAC will conduct onsite observation, interviews, and document reviews to produce an evaluation report for your agency.


Curriculum Development

SAC is available to help design and deliver training curricula to promote staff development on a range of topics, including supervisory training, team facilitation, correctional case management, evidence based practices and prisoner reentry.


Evaluation Planning

SAC conducts practical, interactive training on how to develop logic models. SAC also assists in the development of logic models and other evaluation instruments to support your agency as you build your own capacity for evaluation. SAC also develops survey instruments; provides guidance and assistance in conducting community assessments (focus groups, survey development, data collection and analysis).

Evidence-Based Practices

SAC can work with you to develop organizational and workforce development strategies that promote adherence to principles of effective correctional intervention in facility and community programs.



SAC is available to provide group process facilitation to maximize productivity in meeting identified outcomes. SAC staff are certified in facilitation.

Staff Coaching

To promote optimal transfer of learning from classroom to the field, SAC staff provide individual and group coaching using a variety of methods, including guided practice, modeling, tape critique, behavior rehearsal and remedial training.

Technology Training

SAC staff are available to provide technology training and technical assistance in correctional information systems and various software programs.  SAC staff are Master Trainers in Microsoft Office Suite, and have supported the implementation of complex, computer-based information systems across public sector organizations.

Youth Level of Service / Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI) Certification

SAC teaches classes on adopting and using the YLS-CMI actuarial risk assessment instrument for juvenile justice organizations. SAC staff are certified YLS-CMI trainers through Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

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